CCleaner App Download For Android (APK), PC and iPhone

Download CCleaner App: CCleaner is a utility program used to clean unwanted files and invalid Windows registry entries from your computer. Also known as Crap Cleaner, it is a freeware system privacy, cleaning, and optimization tool. Developed by London based software house, Piriform. CCleaner is world’s oldest system cleaner, launched back in 2005.

Downloading CCleaner


To download CCleaner, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go to CCleaner website, www.piriform.net/ccleaner and click on the “Download” option. This will direct you to the download page.

Step 2: After clicking on download you get an option between three versions: free, professional and professional plus.

  • The Free version provides you with features like faster computer functioning and privacy protection.

  • The Professional version gives you features like faster computers, privacy protection, real-time monitoring, scheduled cleaning, automatic updates and Premium support.

  • The Professional Plus version offers all the features that professional version provided with additional features like Disk Defragmentation, File Recovery, and Hardware Inventory.

You can select any version that fits your requirement.

Step 3: After selecting your desired version click on the download from our website button to start downloading ccleaner on your computer.

Step 4: When the downloading process is completed, click on the run option. Now the installation will automatically commence and will guide you through the rest of the process.

Note: You can also download shareit for pc from the official website. Shareit apk is a great file sharing app which you must have, recently softonic published this app on their site.

Important Features Of CCleaner


Along with temporary or potentially unwanted files left by certain programs like internet explorer (and other web browsers) Nero, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Office, etc., CCleaner can also delete your browsing history, cookies, file fragments, log files, recycle bin, memory dumps, and various other data. This is the reasons i recommend each one of you to try this awesome app on your computer. CCleaner is now also available for Android devices you can download it from its official site here: ccleaner apk download.

Important Note: CCleaner cannot remove a virus or malware from your device

Reasons for downloading CCleaner

Some of the advantages of using this app are as follows:

  1. CCleaner protects your Web browser privacy on shared or public computers by deleting passwords and other internet files.
  2. It protects your privacy while using many Windows applications by removing information about files and folders accessed using these applications.
  3. It removes traces of deleted documents by securely wiping free disk space.
  4. CCleaner cleans up Windows Registry by removing incorrect or nonrelevant information.
  5. It gives your computer an instant boost by clearing out all the unused and unnecessary files.
  6. It increases the life of your device.
  7. It reduces memory load of your device.
  8. It clears out the errors and broken settings that get stored in your device over time, thus making your computer more stable.
  9. CCleaner allows you to uninstall software easily even when Control panel’s Add and Remove program won’t allow you.
  10. CCleaner manages your cookies so that the advertisers and websites are not able to track your behavior and preferences based on these cookies. It thus helps in keeping your browsing history confidential and your identity anonymous.
  11. It helps in locating duplicate files and thus help in recovering hard drive space
  12. CCleaner speeds up your computer’s startup process by allowing you to remove unnecessary programs running silently whenever you start your computer.

In my opinion, CCleaner is a highly regarded tool for your computer. It’s easy and automatic internet protection makes our online experience more secure, and its effective cleaning and optimization enhance our device performance, making them faster and better. And as CCleaner is now also available for Android devices, it surely is a must have application for all of your devices like PC, Mac, and smartphones.

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